GUIDs Part 3: GUID one

The ultimate test to be sure you understand a concept is to try and teach it to someone. The way to understand a concept enough to teach it to someone is to implement it. I didn’t exactly just sit down one afternoon and decide to write a [few blog posts] about GUIDs because I know everything about them. It actually all started with a few weeks earlier wanting to understand the mechanics behind the identifier. [Read More]
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GUIDs part 2: GUID as gold

How are GUIDs unique with out a central watch dog? They do it through the algorithm that generates them. The specification lists 5 different ways you can end up with a unique identifier, if and only if you follow the instructions. The specification can’t prevent someone from choosing the same GUID as you on purpose (a watchdog might be able to) but it does prevent them accidentally generating the same GUID as you if they’re following it. [Read More]
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GUIDs part 1: What the GUID?

Most developers have seen a GUID or two. A GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) is used extensively in computing to uniquely identify all sorts of things. You might also see them referred to as UUIDs - don’t worry they’re the same thing. This specification defines a Uniform Resource Name namespace for UUIDs (Universally Unique IDentifier), also known as GUIDs (Globally Unique IDentifier). — RFC 4122: A Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID) URN Namespace [Read More]
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