Generating an Apple Push Notification Certificate on Windows

Following most instructions on the web make it sound as easy as generating a CSR using IIS. However I ran into a few difficulties - namely Apple seemed to think my brand new CSR was invalid. Probably has something to do with my local setup (IIS 10 on Windows 10) but that shouldn’t be a road block. Why? w-w-w-w-why? Be more constructive with feedback. To be fair most instructions (including Microsoft Azure documentation) only show you how to do it on the Mac. [Read More]
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Cocoapods: package management in xcode for iOS apps

I’ve just started building my first iPhone app and one of the biggest things I missed from .NET land was package management. Visual studio has amazing support for NuGet - even Microsoft distribute some of their core libraries on the platform. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have dependency management in xcode also? Turns out there’s a third party solution which is pretty fantastic despite the lack for first class support in xcode. [Read More]