Creating a multi-tenant .NET Core Application - Tenant containers

Tenant containers, part 2 of 5

Introduction Tis post looks at how to configure services on a per-tenant basis. This allows us to resolve a different service or instance based on which tenant is active. Parts in the series Part 1: Tenant resolution Part 2: Tenant containers (this post) Part 3: Data isolation per tenant (Upcoming) Part 4: Options configuration per tenant (Upcoming) Part 5: Authentication per tenant (Upcoming) Why have tenant specific containers? [Read More]

Creating a multi-tenant .NET Core Application - Tenant resolution

Tenant resolution, part 1 of 5

Introduction This series of blog posts is an exploration of how to achieve multi-tenancy in an ASP.NET Core web application. There’s a lot of code snippets so you can follow along with your own sample app. There’s no NuGet package you can plug and play at the end of this but it is a great learning exercise. It touches a few “core” (sorry, not sorry) parts of the framework 😉 [Read More]