GUIDs Part 3: GUID one

The ultimate test to be sure you understand a concept is to try and teach it to someone. The way to understand a concept enough to teach it to someone is to implement it.

I didn’t exactly just sit down one afternoon and decide to write a [few blog posts] about GUIDs because I know everything about them. It actually all started with a few weeks earlier wanting to understand the mechanics behind the identifier.

First I did a bit of a Google - good luck jumping right into the spec! Then once I had a high-level understanding I read the spec. Then to make it all stick I implemented the spec. Then wrapped it all up in a little website, - you know, just for fun.

There’s nothing groundbreaking here but hopefully it’s in a format that’s easy to understand so you know what’s going on with those little ├╝ber uniquer identifiers!

This is a 3 part series about my personal exploration of GUIDs. You can follow along to learn all about GUIDs, check out my open source C# implementation of the specification, and visit a fun GUID generator I built called

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